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1716--16th Avenue Northwest
Calgary, AB, T2M 0L7

(403) 608-3489

Dr. Ranson is a registered psychologist with 20 years of professional practice helping individuals and couples resolve their inner, interpersonal, or circumstantial difficulties to live happier, more satisfying, and more successful lives. See what she treats, review her approach, confirm her credentials, ask her a question, or book an appointment. 



Request an appointment by telephone or text message: (403) 370-2225, email me, or submit the following appointment request form.    

Hours of availability

Daytime and evening appointments are available, Monday through Friday.  The earliest appointment starts at 9:00 am; the latest appointment begins at 7:00 pm.  Earlier or later appointments are available, upon request. Standing appointments are also available, upon request. 

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Confidential messages

Due to my appointment schedule, I am often not available to accept incoming calls.  Please leave a message in my confidential voicemail box, so I can respond to your inquiry at my earliest convenience.  Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me by text message or email.  I make every effort to respond to all forms of inquiry within 24 hours.



If your circumstances possess unique tensions that may be provoked by an incoming call from a psychologist, please indicate, in your message, how you would prefer to hear back from me, whether careful discretion is required, and, if so, to what extent. You might, for example, request that I 

  • return your call within a specified window of time, or not at all (until I hear from you again).

  • provide only my first name, or no name at all, if my call is answered by someone other than you.

  • refrain from leaving a recorded message on an answering device.

  • contact you by text or by email, rather than by phone.