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Dr. Ranson is a registered psychologist with 20 years of professional practice helping individuals and couples resolve their inner, interpersonal, or circumstantial difficulties to live happier, more satisfying, and more successful lives. See what she treats, review her approach, confirm her credentials, ask her a question, or book an appointment. 


Treatment for anxiety / panic.

Anxiety / Panic

Anxiety / Panic

Anxious conditions exist on a continuum ranging from the experience of constant low-level worry or agitation, to discreet and debilitating panic attacks. Fears, phobias, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and unwanted automatic reactions also fall within the category of anxiety disorders when they occur in the absence of a realistic threat.

Anxious conditions are thus disparate and broad, and are not easy to describe with a single list of markers. That said, the following list includes symptoms that are commonly cited:

  • worry
  • fear
  • agitation
  • trouble breathing
  • chest pain
  • dizziness
  • muscle weakness
  • stomach upset
  • thoughts of "going crazy"
  • fears of having a "heart attack" (without a medical basis)
  • trouble sleeping
  • ruminations or preoccupying thoughts
  • difficulty concentrating
  • the engagement of avoidance behaviors
  • the engagement of repetitive behaviors

Individuals suffering with anxiety or panic generally are plagued by only a few of these markers (not all of them), depending on the anxious condition. People with undiagnosed anxiety disorders can sometimes be known to "self-medicate" with calming substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, or other sedatives.